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Where to advertise? Filling Your HMO Properties Fast!

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First and foremost let me say you need to have a good product before you can advertise your room(s) online and get people in fast! this goes without saying. Most especially, beautiful room, great location, clean kitchen and bathroom. However, there are particular website we use and things we do to get our rooms filled fast.

1. Contact local university

Local universities are great for finding potential tenants, they can often allow you to advertise internally i.e. banner ads in the library or online on their website or via email. Once a university can vouch for your property you will get a huge amount of people contacting you about viewings. They will normally attract really nice long term tenants as well.

2. Spareroom

When it comes to online websites that help fill your HMO property, Spareroom is probably no1. Most students/young professionals go on spareroom first before looking anywhere else for a suitable house share property to live in. As long as professional pictures are taken and added to ad and a clear description is also displayed. You will get people contacting you in regards to viewings.

3. Gumtree

Though, is not as popular as when it comes to filling your HMO. Gumtree has still proven to be a very useful strategy in getting viewings and securing tenants. Although these tenants may be more for lower grade HMO’s in my opinion and can also attract tenants who prefer short term tenancy agreements.

4. Social media

We all know social media is becoming more and more powerful for businesses and this is also the case when it comes to filling your rooms. There more people on Facebook than any other platform and so you can find loads of tenants on there looking for rooms, Facebook market place is my new gem. Twitter and Instagram are also powerful, if you know a popular student for example on these platforms you can pay them as little as £10 to advertise on their platforms which will attract loads of students etc.

5. Zoopla

Zoopla, last but not least is a great platform for attracting tenants for HMO’s. They have seemed to have gained some trust with students as many young people go to and to find their rooms fast, you will normally get last minute studnets who left it late to find a place to stay for university. Zoopla have a range of different rooms they advertise some amazing some just OK but definitely put a ad up on Zoopla if you want to get the rooms filled fast.

We use other techniques such as online ads, targeting popular websites and influencers to push rooms we have.

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